VC-M: Multi-Tenant Audio Entry System

The following products from the VC-M Series will be discontinued on 31/01/2016.
VC-2M, VC-8M, VCH-8The solution to replace the VC-M system is the GT system.
Please note though that since none of the VC-M units and GT units are compatible with each other, a whole system upgrade will be required. Rewiring may not be required depending on the existing configuration.
While repairs of the VC-M are still possible, in order to maintain an effectively supported system please consider upgrade as early as possible.The VC-M Series is a Multi-Tenant Audio Entry System. The system supports 1 entry panel and is scalable to as many tenants as required.


  • Entrance panels available in a variety of sizes: 2, 4, 6, and 10 call buttons
  • Add-on panels with 8 or 16 call buttons
  • Directory panel is backlit
  • Up to two handsets per apartment
  • Optional external signaling (RY-PA required)

Power Source
12V DC, 80mA (intercom), 100mA (lamp) – Use PS-1225
Electronic buzzer rings VC-K station(s), frequency is approx. 600Hz, pick up (either) handset too reply
Door to master: 5-cond., non-shielded Between masters (6 looped): 10-cond., non-shielded Between masters (12 looped): 16-cond., non-shielded
Door to master: 500’(22AWG)
Wire Type
please call Aiphone Pty Ltd.
  • Download PDF FileModification: VC-K Dry Contact When Off Hook
  • Download PDF FileModification: VC-K Eliminate Call Tone
  • Download PDF FileModification: VC-K Increase Call Tone
  • Download PDF FileModification: VC-K Lower Call Tone
  • Download PDF FileModification: VC-K with VAM
  • Download PDF FileModification: VC-M 4 Wire Hook up
  • Download FileVCM Series CAD Drawings